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Small Wind Site Assessor Training

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Mick Sagrillo, a nationally-renowned small wind expert, will instruct a Small Wind Site Assessor Workshop in Great Falls on April 9-12, 2013.

The Small Wind Site Assessor Workshop will lead participants through the background information required to perform residential, farm, school, and
small commercial wind site assessments. Participants will learn to do a basic analysis of the residential client’s energy needs, make recommendations for energy efficiency, determine the minimum acceptable tower height for the site, evaluate the site’s wind energy potential and determine wind speed at the proposed tower height, make recommendations for residential renewable energy systems and towers to meet the client’s needs, estimate kWh outputs for the proposed systems based on the wind resource, provide information and guidance on appropriate siting and location for a residential wind system, provide a general cost estimate for the system, provide a list of the next steps in making the system a reality, including permitting, utility interface, insurance, potential dealers or installers, and funding opportunities.

The workshop covers the NABCEP job task analysis.

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