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Small Wind Installer Training Agenda

3 Day Small Wind Installer Workshop Agenda
MSU-Great Falls, March 19-21, 2013
© 2013 Roy Butler

Day 1
• Introduction and housekeeping
• Status of the NABCEP Small Wind Installer Certification
• NABCEP Entry Level Small Wind progress report
• Educating the client
o Reality vs junk science: managing client expectations
• Conservation: what it means to wind system economics
• Small wind industry overview
• Wind turbine technology, furling animation, turbine animations
• Slideshow: currently available turbines
• Slideshow: not ready for prime time, scams and deceptive advertising
• Wind turbine certification
o The Small Wind Certification Council (SWCC)

Day 2
• Review
• The fundamentals of wind
o Quantity and quality
o How and when to apply alphas, TI, DH
• Wind site assessment- lite
o Pre-qualifying the site
o Pros and cons of remote site evaluation tools, Google Earth, New Roots, etc.
• Qualifying the site
o Information to collect during a site evaluation
o How to read and interpret an electric bill
• Siting the system
• Tough sites, logistics and hidden costs
• Tower design considerations
o Estimating appropriate tower height and design
o Turbine and tower reliability issues
• Foundations: theory and application
• Choosing a turbine appropriate for client needs and site considerations
• Energy production estimation
• Energy production calculators (what works and what doesn’t)
• Small wind system economics: cash incentives, tax credits, FITS, RECS, net metering
• Economic calculators discussion

Day 3
• Review
• Small wind zoning and permitting policy
• Environmental effects: NIMBY, NOTE, CAVE, birds
• Distributed Wind Energy Association: for resources and assistance
• Wind installation safety discussion
• Show and tell: tools of the trade
• Turbine and tower installations: slideshows and discussion
o Tilt up with winch
o Guyed lattice with crane
o Guyed lattice by gin pole
o Guyed lattice tilt up with winch
o Self supporting lattice with crane
o Monopole with crane
• Fun and games with a load cell
• Turbine electrical considerations
o Grounding, voltage drop, disconnects, etc.
• NEC Article 694
• Utility interconnection process
• Operation and maintenance considerations
o Inspection: how often and what to look for
o Preventive maintenance
• Turbine rebuilding
o Videos
• Review
• Wrap up

Books for reading assignments:

Power From the Wind by Dan Chiras, New Society Publishers, ISBN# 978-0-86571-620-9
Wind Power by Paul Gipe, Chelsea Green Publishing, ISBN# 978-1-931498-14-2

Equipment needed:
Instructor: LCD projector and screen, internet access, printer and paper

Students: Laptop computer, flash drive with a minimum of 500 mb of free space, notepad

Course duration: 24 hours