For Youth


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The E3A (Exploring Energy Efficiency and Alternatives Youth Energy Activity Guide) is designed to help guide youth in their exploration of energy and energy technology. The guide includes hands-on experiential learning activities as well as information and resources to help lead the learning process.

Targeted Ages

While activities can be modified to meet the needs of K-12 youth, this guide targets ages 9 to 13. More specific age recommendations are provided on each activity. Teen leaders can also be engaged to lead younger youth in the activities.

Using the Guide

This guide is intended as a supplement to project leadership in topics like electricity and wind power. It is designed to provide activities and experiments for use in group meetings or camp settings to introduce key energy concepts. You may opt to use only one or two activities, or you can combine a series of activities to explore a topic in-depth.

The guide has been divided into key subject areas (wind power, solar electricity, solar thermal, etc.) Within each subject, activities are provided to teach key concepts. For some topics, multiple activities are suggested that utilize the same lesson plan—this allows you to find an activity that will work best for your group and location, as well as for available supplies.